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Maine coon cats



The maine coon a tender giant


The country of the big size, The United States of America were obliged to give birth to
the biggest cat in the world.A giant with his sweet eyes, his wild style contrasting with
his big size, his wonderful coat and his lynx look come to us from the Maine state.
Also called in the past " New England ", located on the bordure of Canada and the USA.

What is impressive to the human being brings legend !.
The Maine Coon doesn't escape to the rules. That way, his name come from the contraction
of " Main " and " Racoon ", English words meaning Rate-Coon. In fact we tell that he's born
of a love affaire between this one and a wild cat, this genetic aberration is due to his fur
which resemble to Davy Crockett dear animal.

Others tell that Conquistadors and Vikings bring there ancestors with them when they reached
the new world. Some other romantics say that Marie-Antoinette of Austria give her Angora-cats
to the Marquis de la Fayette who fought in America during the Independence war.
After that those ones run away and mixed themselves with wild cat from the area.
Simply, we supposed that different immigrants comings brought their cats with them but,
what is sure is that the actual Main-Coon morphology is due to his adaptation
to the Great north climate.

His fur in made to resist to the coolest and hotest regional temperatures.
His "colorette" protects his neck from brambles and branches, his large feet allows
comfortable movements in the snow. Nowadays his behaviour is still influenced by his
hard bohemian life style. That way he scratchs the ground before drinking that's why
we have to care of giving him enough water and food.Indeed he eats small quantity by
caution and stops to feed himself when his dish is almost empty.

His size is important, he's tall on paws and the body is longer than the tail (always having panache).
The muscular mass is powerful. Males weigh from 7 till 9 kilos in overage but, some others can weigh
till 24 pounds ( 12 kilos). The paws, a bit smaller differ from 2 till 3 kilos. All colour are
recognized excepted chocolate, lilac and Siamese motifs.
The Main-Coon quality of tamper is his kindness. This cat isn't lunatic and is very sociable with
other animals and children. He adapts himself to a life in flat or apartment.He needs a lot of contacts
with human beings, he tender than his rustic look lets believe. People say about him, he's a" Dog-Cat "

Michel Seurinck
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